Prayer and Forgiveness

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Religious teachings, of various kinds, have much to say about the importance of Forgiveness, but how do we actually do it? How do we forgive?

Forgiveness is obviously a core teaching of the major world religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and others. It is featured on the leading sources of teaching of these religions such as The Bible, The Holy Quran, the Buddhist Sutras, The Torah and so on. For this reason, Forgiveness has rightfully become a favourite topic of teaching for the leaders and advocates of these religions. But preaching about forgiveness is not the same as teaching how to forgive. Often in these teachings we are told the benefits of forgiveness, but are not given a step-by-step guide.

Forgiveness is not something that most people seem to be able to do automatically. It is not an instinct. If forgiveness came easily and automatically to people, the world would be a very different place than it is now.

The simple truth seems to be that we need to be taught how to forgive. We need a method, or technique, of some kind. After all, we are usually taught how to pray. When we were children someone probably taught us a simple prayer. Later were able to learn more elaborate forms of prayer. Therefore, surely it must be acceptable – and even highly beneficial – to learn a simple method of how to forgive?

Many people assume that Forgiveness happens by simply making it the subject of a prayer. That is only one part of the act of forgiving. In prayer we are usually asking for help from the Divine, the Ineffable. When it comes to Forgiveness this is only the first part of the work; we need to do the rest of the work ourselves.

When a farmer prays for good weather, to be able to cultivate and harvest his crops, he still needs to go out and do the work in the fields. When the good weather arrives, he then uses his tools and his skills to cultivate, and then to gather, the harvest and leave the weeds behind. Likewise praying for Forgiveness is not usually enough (that is like the farmer praying for good weather); we also need to have skills and tools to help us “cultivate and harvest” a more forgiving attitude. This “harvesting” is done within our own thoughts and feelings – within our own mind. Like the farmer we need tools and skills to help us have a harvest of “beneficial crops” and not weeds.

One “tool” or method of forgiveness you can try is, The Four Steps to Forgiveness. People all over the world, from different cultures and religions, are using The Four Steps to Forgiveness to learn how to become more forgiving and how to let go of the pain of the past. They are using it not only to forgive others, but also to forgive themselves. If you condemn yourself in your own mind; then you also need to forgive yourself in your own mind. Use one of the links on this page to download your free copy.

By William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.


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