Prayer: Give Your Prayers Wings

Many prayers are really prayers for forgiveness, or prayers for the ability to forgive. Learn how to forgive.

In many spiritual and religious traditions, we are advised to “reconcile with our brother” before attempting to pray for something for ourselves. In this case, our “brother” means anyone who has something against us for harm they feel that we have caused them; or, it can mean that we are the one who has caused harm and that we need to make forgive ourselves – and possibly make amends for what we have done. If we are embrolied in bitterness and resentement or guilt and shame then it is better that we attempt to clear our heart of such things before we pray. Therefore, an important preparation for any type of prayer and, sometimes this needs to be a vital first step, is to either forgive someone else, forgive ourselves, or both.

Prayer and Forgiveness: How to Forgive and Give Your Prayers Wings

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If we consider the difference between a forgiving mind and an unforgiving mind; it becomes obvious why learning a way to forgive, and using it before our prayer times, can be a very big help to making our prayers more effective. When praying for ourselves we will feel much more deserving and worthy of an answer to our prayers, if we have done some forgiveness practises first. We will also be more likely to feel focussed and centred and less likely to be distracted and anxious. The practise of Forgiveness helps us feel like a worthy, and loved, child of God. It helps us be more able to fill our prayers with a genuine love for God, or love for whoever we are praying for (including ourselves). This love, that the practise of forgiveness brings to us, will help greatly to give wings to our prayers. Learning how to forgive and practising it, helps us feel much more like a beloved child of God and can even bring us spiritual insights into our life and the events in the world.

Forgiveness tends to dissolve much of what troubles us. Usually the feelings that cause us the most bother are things like; stress and anxiety, hatred and resentment or even guilt and shame. Being able to reduce how often and how intensely we have such feelings are only going to make our life much easier. This itself would be like an answer to a prayer. Perhaps  a prayer that you have made is what brought you to this web page.

We need to do our part as well as asking God for help. As well as praying for, say, “an abundant harvest”, we need to do our part and plant seeds in the ground. Forgivenss is a way to plant seeds that bring more good into our life.

Here are a few example of how forgiveness affects prayer:

Prayer for Serenity

Prayer for serenity: How can we be calm and serene if we are in a state of unforgiveness? There is very little chance for serenity unless we also play our part too. Can we really expect serenity if we have deeply offended another by hurtful actions, or are holding resentment against another? In such cases a prayer for serenity is more realistic, if we have at least made some effort to forgive or to be forgiven. We need to be able to forgive, forgive ourselves and the other people, before we are truly ready to pray for serenity.

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for peace: Peace starts on the inside. Developing habits and thoughts and feelings which promote a peaceful state of mind help make us become more of a living example of peace. This will help any prayers for peace that we undertake to more effective as we will then say them with our whole heart and mind.

Prayer for healing

We need to play our part, by forgiving, as well as pray our part.

Prayer and healing are often rightly linked in people’s minds. In order to prepare for doing prayers for healing it behoves us to actively forgive even if this means that we need to learn how to forgive as a priority. Of course, if all we are capable of at the moment is a prayer for healing then it is right to just do that. However, it is fascinating to realise that even scientific research has shown that forgiveness can have very powerful healing effects.  It helps to heal mental health issues, psychological problems and even physical problems, especially those caused by stress and anxiety. Learning to forgive, helps us release many of the bitter and toxic emotions which make us sick. When we release habits of angry, fearful, resentful and shame filled feelings, our natural level of health and vitality can re-assert itself.

Whenever possible we could learn how to forgive and participate and co-operate with our own healing and when this is used in conjunction with prayers for healing, we are best placed to be healed rapidly. This will also help us to have the right inner attitude to be able to extend a healing experience towards others we are praying for. By learning how to forgive we can learn to play our part as well as pray our part.

Prayer to Archangel Michael, or St Michael

Prayer to Archangel Michael: Prayers to Archangel Michael often take the form of prayers for strength and prayers for protection – especially protection against the things of the world which might ensnare us and lead us into wicked ways. Here again the practise of forgiveness is a wonderful aid. When we pray to Archangel Michael, or pray in any way for strength and protection, we are praying for spiritual strength. What better way to develop spiritual strength than to learn to how to forgive and practise is regularly? By practising forgiveness we close ourselves to many of the ways that we could otherwise become ensnared by harmful thoughts and feelings (such as arrogance, anger, rage, resentment, vengeful impulses, hatred, bitterness and so on).

Prayer for Forgiveness

if we judge ourselves then we also need to forgive ourselves.

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Prayer for forgiveness. When we pray for forgiveness (or pray for forgiveness of sins) it makes sense that we also need to be willing to forgive those who offended us. Can we really pray for forgiveness for the wrongs we have done while holding feelings of resentment (and perhaps even revenge and hatred) to someone who has offended us? Also, if we believe that we have the right to judge ourselves; then we must also believe that have the right to forgive ourselves. We can still pray for forgiveness, but also do our part by forgiving ourselves to the extent that we have judged ourselves.

Prayer for Morning, Prayer for Evening, Prayer for Today, Prayer for Tonight

Some prayers are for a specific time in the day. A prayer for the morning, and a prayer for today, might include a thank you for a good nights’ sleep, a thank you for the day and a request that we may be guided through the next day and that our path be made clear. An evening prayer may include thanks for the day we just had; or if it was a stressful or upsetting day, thanks for surviving or coping with the events of day – and the hope for a better tomorrow. A prayer for tonight may be for a proper night’s sleep and a blessing on the following day and the like.

The thing about all of these types of prayer is that our chances of a better night’s sleep and better days are greatly improved by cultivating a capacity to forgive. Forgiveness tends to dissolve much of what troubles us, whether stress and anxiety, hatred and resentment or even guilt and shame.  A reduction in any one for more of such feelings in our daily or nightly experience is only going to do us good.

Prayer and Self Forgiveness

As we learn to forgive others and learn to forgive ourselves we gain a deeper and fuller understanding of forgiveness than we had before. We may well still want to use specific forms of prayer for forgiveness and that is well and good. Yet, our prayers could be much more effective and more powerful if we have actually prepared the ground. If we forgive others and forgive ourselves, by using The Four Steps to Forgiveness, this clears the way for us to be able to receive God’s blessing by removing the spiritual clutter of unforgiveness that may have been getting in the way.

When we make a mistake and hurt another it is often because if we became self-centred, and got too caught up in our own feelings, to be aware of the harm that we were doing. If we realise that we made a mistake, and then fill our mind with too much self-judgment or self-condemnation, this is just another way of being too caught up in our own feelings. A certian amount of remorse is a good thing, especially if it causes us to want to change or make amends. However, it can go too far and become a self-indulgent form of self loathing which is not going to help anyone.

We need to break out of the habit of being too self-absorbed. A way to do this, ironically, is by forgiving ourselves. It may seem like self-forgiveness would be a self-centred thing to do. This is not true. When we use The Four Steps to Forgiveness, for example, we discover that self forgiveness is a very unselfish thing to do. Everyone around us benefits as we learn to forgive ourselves. For one thing, we become a much kinder person and much easier those close to us to be around.

Use one of the links to The Four Steps to Forgiveness on this page and experience for yourself how it can enhance your prayers and help you feel more connected to the source of all answers to prayer. You can download it here, no need to enter an email address.

Written by: William Fergus Martin
Author: Forgiveness is Power

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