Secret Key to Success

Your ability to be successful, and your ability to be happy, depends on something that you might not have even considered. This “secret” key, can make the difference between success and failure, depending on what it is that is holding you back from being more successful. Let’s explore some of what might be holding you back from fulfilling your potential and then look at a solution that works for all of them.

Believe that You Deserve to Succeed

People block themselves from having the success they want, because they don’t believe they really deserve it.

Some people don’t like themselves much, and they feel that any success they have is a fluke. They start to get imposter syndrome (feeling that they are fake and will be found out) even when they success they have had is well-earned. If we grow up in situation where we were not validated and our accomplishments, such as when we were a child, were not acknowledged or appreciated we can end up feeling that nothing we do is good enough. Or, it might be that someone in our family was a super-achiever and we don’t feel that we can ever measure up.

Celebrate the Success of Others

Don’t begrudge the success of others; acknowledge it and celebrate it!  

Another block to success is to begrudge others their success. If you resent someone who is more successful than you – and decide that they only achieved success by being ‘bad’, or ‘greedy’ – then you will not let yourself succeed because you will not want to think of yourself in that way. Besides, who can better help you to succeed that a successful person? Many successful people love to help other people to succeed too and they can’t do that for someone who obviously does not like them, or wants nothing to do with them. Be happy for the success of others and they may well help you be more successful.

Let Go of Past Mistakes to Succeed Now

Success is often simply a matter of learning from mistakes and not giving up.

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An inability to let go of mistakes from the past, can really hold you back. If you read the life story of many successful people, you often find that they had many failures before they succeeded. Of course, there are a few that had early success and went on from strength-to-strength, but these are few and far between and even they will not succeed at everything they do. Success is often simply a matter of learning from mistakes and not giving up.

If you need to forgive yourself for past mistakes, or forgive others for ways that they blocked your success, try a bit of applied psychology on yourself and download the free ebook The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

What’s Your Definition of Success?

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health or Morality to Success

As the saying goes “success is not final”, but neither is failure. Each is a step on your path through life. Only you can ultimately decide what the meaning of success is for you and what that success represents in our life. Many successful people say that it is essential to enjoy the journey and not get too caught up in the final goal. Some define success purely in materialistic terms, others define it as quality of life and so on. What you don’t want to do, when your are finally successful, is to be too burned out, too unhealthy, or too wracked by guilt or shame (by what you did to succeed) to enjoy it.

Success and Personal Awareness

Step back, carefully observe, then decide the most effective action.

An important aspect of success is the ability to have and maintain personal awareness. This will enable you to be an active participant in your life rather than a reactive one. As part of this it really helps to be able to detach oneself from knee-jerk reactions to people and events. Step back and observe what is going on, including your own tendencies to react, and the reactions of others, before deciding what to do.  This will allow your actions to be much effective as you will do less fire-fighting and focus more on doing what will help you achieve longer term goals and objectives.

A Psychological Key to Success

There are many other blocks to success, but the above examples will serve to lead us into a solution which works for almost any blocks to success. It will enable you to succeed in your chosen path and obtain financial freedom, or whatever their longer term goals are.

The key is to be able to feel that you are worthy of success, to move on from past mistakes, and to be able to celebrate the success of others, and to be able to step back from knee-jerk reactions, is to use a psychological process which will help you see things differently and feel differently. A psychological process which can do this for you is, The Four Steps to Forgiveness. It will enable you to feel better about yourself, better about your life, and feel better towards other people. It will enable you move on and move up in the world. Don’t let remorse for past mistakes, envy at colleagues, or feeling unworthy hold you back from the success that can be rightfully yours.

Nobody Succeeds on Their Own

Nobody creates success on their own. Your ability to succeed depends on your relationship with other people, and having a positive regard for yourself. Both of these are greatly enhanced and magnified by rewiring you mind to think in a forgiving way. You can learn the psychology of forgiveness and learn how to forgive quickly and easily by using one the of the links to The Four Steps to Forgiveness on this page (The Four Steps to Forgiveness is completely free and you don’t even need to give an email address). Download it now and open yourself to greater success and happiness.

Written by: William Fergus Martin

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