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Our purpose is to spread the ability to forgive. Perhaps you would like to be better at forgiving, but don’t know how? Our goal is to show you how to forgive, by providing practical tools and techniques, which are easy to learn and easy to use. We distribute these widely, openly and freely via our free ebook: The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

We will also help you become aware of all the wonderful benefits which forgiveness brings. This will enable you motivate yourself to forgive so that you can discover for yourself the peace, freedom and happiness which Forgiveness brings.

Perhaps you need to learn to forgive yourself? We will help you see that forgiving yourself not only benefits you; it benefits everyone around you. Forgiving yourself is one of the most unselfish things you can do – it frees you up to so that you contribute more to those who are close to you as well as to society in general. Being free from the burden of guilt allows you to give your best to life and allows you become for forgiving of the faults and failings of others. Our free ebook has an exercise which will enable you to forgive yourself.

Our main work just now is to promote the ebook Four Steps to Forgiveness in multiple languages. We are looking to join up with others in projects now that our charitable status has come through.

We also offer Forgiveness Training both to organisations and interested groups of individuals.

The English version of the our “how to”, The Four Steps to Forgiveness, is here.

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