Limerence: Letting Go and Moving On

As we learn to forgive we discover that we don’t need to idolise people in order to love them. Limerence (sometimes mispelled as limerance), is when we get an obsessive infatuation with someone, usually when the other person shows little or no interest in us. The LO (limerence object), the subject of our limerence obsession, … Read more

Attachment Styles and Forgiveness

Knowing about attachment styles can play a pivotal role in being able to understand yourself and others. Developed through early childhood experiences, attachment styles shape how we connect with others, perceive ourselves, and navigate the world around us. While a deep dive into the intricacies of attachment theory might seem daunting, grasping its essence can … Read more

Wellness and The Four Steps to Forgiveness

The importance of Wellness has rightfully become widely recognised. Regularly spending time in practises and activities (or lack of activity) so as to promote our physical and mental health (instead of waiting till we have a problem) is increasingly seen as the path of wisdom and common sense. Intrinsic to wellness is an understanding that … Read more

Parenting & Forgiveness

Exploring parenting styles such; Conscious Parenting, Gentle Parenting, Authoritarian Parenting, Controlling Parenting and the benefits of Forgiveness. When it comes to issues around parenting even a little bit of forgiveness goes a long way. Ideally as parents, we teach our children how to regulate and express their emotions in healthy and constructive ways. We want … Read more

Toxic Relationships: Moving On & Forgiveness

There is much discussion nowadays about “toxic relationships” and how to move on from the experience of being in one. One of the keys to “moving on”, if feel that we are in a toxic relationship, is to ascertain how likely is it that it will change. Unless we see clear signs of the other … Read more

Transgender, Non Binary, Dysphoria and Forgiveness

Many of our challenges in life come from our interactions with other people. Some challenges we face also come from inner conflicts, particularly if our sense of self is challenged by social pressure such as what often happens for transgender people. Indeed life challenges can be magnified for a transgender person, or indeed anyone whose … Read more

Women’s Empowerment & Forgiveness

An odd fact about men, which is relevant to women’s empowerment, is that around 80% of men who seek dating advice, do so in order to “find a woman for a long-term relationship”, and about 20% do so to “play the field”. This was highlighted in a video course offering dating advice to men. The … Read more

Corona Virus, Covid 19, Peace of Mind and Forgiveness

We can wash away our worries and fears, and restore our peace of mind, every time we wash our hands. Whatever else is true about the drama playing out with the coronavirus, Covid19, it is a test of character on a global scale. It is bringing out the best, and the worst, in huge numbers … Read more

Prayer and Forgiveness

Click Image to Download Free Book Forgiveness sets you free. Download Free Forgiveness Ebook Religious teachings, of various kinds, have much to say about the importance of Forgiveness, but how do we actually do it? How do we forgive? Forgiveness is obviously a core teaching of the major world religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, … Read more