Positive Affirmations and Forgiveness

How using The Four Steps to Forgiveness helps you increase the effectiveness of whatever affirmations you use. Download Free Forgiveness Ebook

An affirmation is simply a positive phrase, or sentence, which we use to re-program our subconscious mind. We use them to overcome negative, or limiting, beliefs we have about ourselves, so that they no longer hold us back.

Louise Hay, is one of the people most famous for helping to promote the idea of affirmations. However, her work was founded on The New Thought movement, which included people like Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes and Wallace Wattles. Also, there have been many other ways of using affirmations as shown by Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks and the documentary “The Secret”. Through learning about Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction many of us have discovered that we can change what is possible for us simply by changing what we believe is possible for us.

When we do affirmations usually it is usually because we want to create some kind of change in our life. We want better relationships, more money, better health, find a love partner, get a better job, and so on.

We can also use affirmations to build our confidence, self-worth, or self-esteem. Affirmations can be used to overcome shyness or timidly in social and work situations, and so on. If someone grew up as a child in a hostile, or highly-critical, environment they can grow up feeling “not good enough” or “I can’t do anything right”. Affirmations such as repeatedly telling oneself, “I am good enough exactly as I am” and “It’s alright for me to make mistakes”, and so on, are a powerful way to change our inner beliefs to more positive, life-enhancing ones.

However, there is another approach to affirmations, that is very different; but it is also powerful and effective. It is unusual because many people do not realise that it is a type of affirmation. It is The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness helps you tap into the creative power of your mind and make your efforts to think more postitively, and use the Law of Attraction, more effective. One of the reasons for this is, as seasoned practitioners of deliberate creation know, we need to “become” what we want to attract. We need let go of all the old experiences from the past, because that is not what we want anymore. We need to let go of any tendencies to feel angry, resentful or bitter and also any old low self-esteem, shame or guilt, because those are not the type of things we want to shape our life.

When we use The Four Steps to Forgiveness to benefit someone else – by forgiving them – we also benefit. We benefit because we become happier and more positive as we let go of the blocks to happiness and success by releasing pain from the past. When we use The Four Steps to Forgiveness to benefit ourselves – such as by forgiving ourselves – all the people closest to us benefit also. They benefit too because, when we forgive ourselves, we allow more good to come into our life (including a better mood) and the people close to us share in those benefits.

Certainly, we can benefit from using the types of affirmations offered by Louise Hay, her predecessors, and her contemporaries. However, you can also benefit greatly from learning to forgive. This will allow you to create a better internal “climate”, and more pleasant external environment, that will help new aspects of yourself to flourish and grow.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness helps boost the effectiveness of whatever type of affirmation you use, by making it easier for you to maintain a positive attitude. It can help you attract love, find a better job, or establish new goals and directions in your life, by helping you feel more positive about your life and becoming free of the past.

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By William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.


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