Four Steps to Forgiveness – Step 3 – Opposite Emotions

Why You Can't Forgive

Opposite Emotions: Self Help Guide for going from negative to positive emotions.

Written by: William Fergus Martin

This list of Opposite Emotions can help you with Step 2 of the 3 of the Four Steps to Forgiveness. You use it like a Self Help Guide to clarify any current negative feelings you are having and what the opposite positive emotions are likely to be.

It is only meant as a rough guide. If you already have a clear idea of the words to use in Step 3 then you don’t need this list except as a possible way to find even juicier words to use.

For Step 3 simply look for the words on the left hand column which are the same, or similar, to the ones you used in Step 2, and find the opposite under the Opposites column. Choose the word or words which seems the juiciest ones to you. If none fit, make a best guess. Feelings may well change and clarify as  you loop through the 4 Steps to Forgiveness a few times. If you need it there is a Four Steps to Forgiveness Overview.

If really stuck use  love, freedom or blessings as they can work as the opposite of just about anything.  It is more important to do the steps now than it is to wait till you are convinced that you can do them perfectly.

Feelings Opposites
Step 2 Words Step 3 Words
anger affection
abandoned adored, cherished
abused valued, appreciated, cared for, tenderness
aggression humility, gentleness
awful wonder
bitter enthusiasm, sweetness
boredom involvement, interest, curiosity
closed open, available
confusion clarity
crazy, demented sanity, stability
darkness light, truth
depressed happiness, loving life, in love with life
devastated renewal, restored, complete
dirty, filthy cleanliness, purity
disdain contempt admiration, approval
disgust delight
revulsion appreciation
empty fullness, fulfilment
fear hope, love
frustration contentment
giving up endurance, stamina
guilt innocence
hate, despise love, in love
hopeless hope, willing to go on
hurt relief, blessing
inferior equality, feeling valued
lies truth
loneliness community, belonging, partnership
lost belonging, at home, being discovered
mouldy freshness
nervous boldness, courage
numb alive, new life
obsessed freedom
pessimism optimism
pointless meaningfulness
poverty wealth, abundance
putrid sweet perfume, delight
rage peace, ease, blessedness, vision
rejection welcome, support, acceptance
remorse ways to make amends
repulsion attraction
sadness happiness
shame pride, purity, innocence
shyness curiosity, boldness
spiteful kindness, consideration
stuck movement, flow
suspicion trust
terror peace, serenity, love
torn apart renewed, restored
ugly beauty, grace
unfulfilled satisfaction, fulfilment
unhealthy health, wellbeing
useless useful, good, blessed
vengeful friendliness, goodwill, kindness
weakness strength, back bone
worthless worthiness, admiration, appreciation