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Learning Forgiveness is one of the best ways to improve oneself and increase self esteem and to move forward in life with confidence and ease. Forgiveness is possibly the ultimate form of Self Help. It boosts our Self Worth, Self Confidence and Self Esteem.

If a person is caught up in feelings of anger and resentment about the past, because of what others have done to them; or feeling caught in guilt and shame, because of mistakes they have made, then their ability to feel good about themselves and to feel good about life is greatly reduced. This in turn reduces their capacity to achieve their full potential because their energy; their thoughts and feelings, are caught up in the past.

Being caught up in the past weakens the person and makes them feel fearful of the future, as they fear that they might not be able to cope with the life ahead. Yet is the lack of forgiveness that is actually weakening the person, because they keep accumulating unhappy and painful experiences that they do not know how to leave behind.

Learning how to forgive, by using The Four Steps to Forgiveness can change all this.

You can learn to leave the past behind you and let go of old pain. You can stop being haunted by the past and move forward into a brighter future. As you learn to forgive you are no longer a victim of the events of your life. You begin to gain skills in determining how events will affect you. You begin to become master of your thoughts and your own emotions and to take charge of your own inner life.

It takes some work to do this. You need to apply yourself to working with The Four Steps to Forgiveness – perhaps doing it regularly for a while till it becomes a habit. But, every step you take in this direction produces results and you find yourself growing in confidence, and growing in self esteem, as you grow in your ability to forgive others and to forgive yourself.

Forgiving yourself is one of the most generous and unselfish things you can do, because everyone around you will benefit. Do you want to be kinder and more generous to those around you? Then forgive yourself and see how easier this becomes. You cannot give qualities to others that you do not have in yourself. As you forgive yourself you have more to give because it enables your inner resources of generosity, kindness and compassion to awaken.

Also, as you learn to forgive others you grow in confidence in your ability to handle the events and people in your life. When you forgive you win! You feel more and more a winner as you learn to forgive. This may or may not improve the outcome of events – though often it does – but it certainly helps you stop wasting time and energy on things you cannot change.

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By William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.


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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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