Quick Update: Chairperson’s Report for 2020. Nearly 2.8 Million Page Views…

We exceeded the projections made below. From 1st January 2020 to 31 December 2020, we achieved the following:

Nearly 2.8M pageviews from over 2M website visitors. We got nearly 250k downloads of the free ebooks. This is a lot more than any previous year, so the information on how to forgive is getting out more each year.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who is helping and supporting us.

Pageviews 2,784,541

User visits 2,280,153

Ebook downloads. 249,055

Blessings, William Martin, Founder.


We were seeing large increases occuring since July 2019 so this was happening long before the current lockdowns were put in place. However, those have obviously boosted our traffic even more. The numbers are still increasing and so irrespective of what happens next with lockdowns etc., we are expecting to reach comfortably over 2M visitors to the website and over 200,000 downloads in the next 12 months. Needless to say we are delighted to be reaching so many people with our information on how to forgive.

Blessings to everyone. Keep safe and spread love and forgiveness whenever and wherever you can.

Whether in families, organisations, or in any sphere where people interact, resentments based on misunderstandings, mistaken assumuptions, or normal human error, can build up and cause people to react to each other in unhealthy ways – causing even more resentments and misunderstandings. This can happen between husbands and wives, children and parents, colleagues, and so on. It can even happen in the wider spheres of life all they way up to geopolitical level.

As a small Scottish charity our focus is simply in helping as many people as we can learn how to forgive. We are a non-religious, secular, organsation and we produce our own material and simply give it away to whoever wants it. We do this by promoting a free ebook, The Four Steps to Forgiveness (click here to download), which is available in multiple languages.. Last year our website had nearly 1 Million page views (832,008 to be exact) and over 40,000 downloads of the various language versions of our free ebook. We quite proud of the fact that most of our website visitors are non-English speaking and that we managing to reach out to so many people abroad.

We hope that this will help people to get past their difference and to be able to create more harmony in their relationships. Many countries are seeing rising rates of divorce, increasing problems with stress and depression and also increasing rates of suicide – even though we are accumulating more and more of the things which are supposed to make our lives better and easier. This is because some key things are missing from many people lives – one of those key things which is missing is forgiveness. Many people do not have a simple and practical method of forgiving themselves and forgiving other people. Within themselves they get stuck in the past and have trouble moving on. The may have the latest mobile phone, but their attidude to other people is outdated and functions very poorly if at all. Forgiveness is a “social technology” which gives people the capacity to let go of the past and – on a social level – to move on and create a better future for themselves and for those around them.

When people become afraid they tend react to ‘defend’ themselves, but their ‘defence’ is experienced as an ‘attack’ by the other side – who then may feel they have to ‘defend’ themselves too. An understanding of the principles of forgiveness can be a very effective antidote to the help in reducing the chances of such escalation.

Many people want to be better at forgiving, but the don’t know how. The GFI (Global Forgiveness Initiative) is about the “how” – spreading a practical forgiveness method The Four Steps to Forgiveness which anybody can use not matter their religion or philosophy – or even if they have no religion or particular philosophy. Our goal it to spread forgiveness in as many languages as we can and to make forgiveness technique as freely and widely available as we can.

Our official purpose is: The advancement of conflict resolution or reconciliation by promoting the benefits and the practice of forgiveness in multiple languages.
Global Forgiveness Initiative, Scottish Charity Number: SC045990.

Address: William Martin, Global Forgiveness Initiative, 7 Bay View, Findhorn, Forres, UK. IV36 3YX