Limerence: Letting Go and Moving On

As we learn to forgive we discover that we don’t need to idolise people in order to love them. Limerence (sometimes mispelled as limerance), is when we get an obsessive infatuation with someone, usually when the other person shows little or no interest in us. The LO (limerence object), the subject of our limerence obsession, … Read more

Attachment Styles and Forgiveness

Knowing about attachment styles can play a pivotal role in being able to understand yourself and others. The four main attachment styles; Secure Attachment, Anxious Preoccupied Attachment, Dismissive Avoidant Attachment, and Fearful Avoidant Attachment, developed through early childhood experiences.  Attachment styles shape how we connect with others, perceive ourselves, and navigate the world around us. … Read more

Wellness and The Four Steps to Forgiveness

The importance of Wellness has rightfully become widely recognised. Regularly spending time in practises and activities (or lack of activity) so as to promote our physical and mental health (instead of waiting till we have a problem) is increasingly seen as the path of wisdom and common sense. Intrinsic to wellness is an understanding that … Read more

Parenting and Parenting Styles

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest challenges in life For most people, becoming a parent is one of the biggest challenges in life. It challenges us to our limits and probably a bit beyond those limits. Of course, it brings benefits and rewards too. Thankfully there is much in the way highly pertinent … Read more

Transgender, Non Binary, Dysphoria and Forgiveness

Many of our challenges in life come from our interactions with other people. Some challenges we face also come from inner conflicts, particularly if our sense of self is challenged by social pressure such as what often happens for transgender people. Indeed life challenges can be magnified for a transgender person, or indeed anyone whose … Read more

Mental Health and the Power of Forgiveness

Mental health issues are a source of additional stress in themselves. Mental Health issues are increasingly a part of our modern society. Our mental health is affected by a wide variety of internal and external factors, as well as how our brain is “wired”. Too much stress and too much anxiety (unfortunately all too common … Read more

Is Vengeance Sweet?

Click Image to Download Free Book Taking vengeance it like taking antifreeze, both are ‘sweet’ and both are deadly poisons. People sometimes convince themselves that vengeance is “justified” and that vengeance is “sweet”. But you will never meet a person who is truly happy, and at peace with themselves, who is also vengeful. There can … Read more

Gaslighting and Narcissists

Gaslighting is one of the common forms of Narcissistic behaviour. It is where someone is intentionally manipulating or distorting the truth to cause the person to doubt themeselves and even to question their sanity and doubt their perception of reality. The underlying motive for this psychological abuse is usually to make the other more tractable … Read more