Mental Health and the Power of Forgiveness

Mental Health issues are increasingly a part of our modern society. Mental health is affected by a wide variety of internal and external factors, as well as how our brain is “wired”. Too much stress and too much anxiety (unfortunately all too common these days) can ultimately lead to mental health conditions which can interfere with our capacity to lead life the way we would like. The levels of stress and anxiety within is as individuals can fluctuate wildly in response to the news and current events, challenges in earning a living, challenges in our social and work relationships, and so on, can seriously impact our behavioral health.

Mental health issues can themselves be an additional source of stress and anxiety especially if we are having mood episodes caused by the likes of Bipolar Disorder and feel guilty about our behavior. This makes learning how to forgive very important even if only initially as a way to forgive ourselves. Facing the question, “Do I have a mental health disorder?”, can be a fearful, lonely and unsettling experience. One of the many benefits of self forgiveness is that it makes it easier to face potential causes of a “psychological disorder” which may well have a physical cause which is exacerbated by external stress. Mental disorders and varies types of mental illness can have multiple causes and this include brain development. For example it has been shown that adolescents with bipolar disorder (one of the most common mental health issues) develop differently in the key areas of the brain that help regulate emotions.

In response to increasing mental health awareness, some of us are managing to reduce our levels of stress by working at home more; others are finding working at home more a source of stress in itself, because of social isolated, or a noisy environment that is not conducive to being productive. If we are not careful, our ways of trying to handle stress can simply serve to bring us other types of stress.

Yet, many people are waking up to fact that much of the stress in our lives is unnecessary and does not have to be part of our daily life. Many are taking serious steps towards improving their quality of life by reorganizing their working lives in ways which make it less stressful.

An ability which has been proven to help reduce stress and help resolve mental health (and even issues with physical health) is forgiveness. The capacity to forgive others and to forgive ourselves helps us to become more resilient and to handle the vagaries of life more easily. Learning how to forgive can help us cope with the demanding boss, the self blame that might arise if we make a mistake (such as falling out with someone due to an anger episode), or a troublesome colleague.

The ability to forgive allows us to re-arrange our thinking around, and our responses to, the events in our life. It allows us to replace our default responses, the very ones which are triggering stress, anxiety and conflicts, to ones which are more conducive to a greater equilibrium and possibly even contentment and peace of mind. The practice of forgiveness can also help us to develop specific qualities like empathy, compassion and kindness. These represent a far healthier “psychological diet” than anger, resentment and frustration and therefore more conducive to mental health.

The leads us to a common problem. How do we actually forgive? How can someone who does not know how to forgive learn to actually do it? This is exactly what the free ebook (see links on this page) The Four Steps to Forgiveness can do for you. The links will give you a direct download (no need to enter an email address). You can then follow the steps in the ebook chapters on how to forgive and use the method The Four Steps to Forgiveness to forgive yourself and to forgive others.

Go ahead and get your free ebook, from one of the links on this page, and start to learn how to forgive. Greater happiness and peace of mind form the basis of excellent mental health; see if these can be yours by practicing forgiveness.

Written by William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.


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