BTS, BTS Army and the Power of Forgiveness

BTS has established itself as a global youth phenomenon, thanks to their music they have become UNICEF ambassadors with campaigns to promote self-esteem and the fight against bullying. Their songs are also anthems that have been the lifeline for many of their fans.

This famous K-Pop band is characterized by capturing in their songs personal feelings and experiences that they have had to deal with throughout their career, either due to personal problems or the criticism they received during their early years before consecrating themselves as world stars.

Throughout their albums they have shared various songs in order to convey words of encouragement to their fans and some of the songs are so moving that more than one then might make you cry. In the song Answer: Love Myself, BTS embodied one of the slogans of its campaign with UNICEF and its world tour. This song talks about believing in yourself, it even defines self-love as something difficult, unlike the love of a partner. Also about the standards that we impose on ourselves, as well as the mistakes of the past that we must forgive. Life is long and the only answer is to accept ourselves as we are.

One of the BTS songs with which ARMY (BTS ARMY) completely identifies is with “21st Century Girls” (in Spanish “Girls of the 21st century”), one of the B-Sides included in their second studio album “Wings”, released in October 2016 by the record label Big Hit Entertainment (today Big Hit Music). Through the songs on their album “Wings,” BTS focused on temptation and growth, as well as addressing issues like mental health and female empowerment.

In “21st Century Girls” the South Korean musical group BTS tells its millions of fans “you
deserve it, you are perfect, you deserve it, just work it, you look elegant, you are also pretty, you shine, you are the truth and the reason”. And if someone is insulting them “tell them that you are my lady, go and tell them, what other people say, what this world tells you, you are the best for me just the way you are”. “21st Century Girls” was composed by Pdogg, “Hitman” Bang, RM and Supreme Boi. In another part of this song, for the empowerment of his followers, Bangtan asks them: “don’t be scared of what people say, you’re fine, you’re strong, you say yes or no”

These songs, more than just giving a nice message, teach us everything about self-love and
within that learning of knowing and loving each other there is also a very important factor that is forgiving each other.

When we begin the process of forgiving ourselves, we are leaving behind all the pain, anger,
suffering and any negative emotion that we may reflect on ourselves. When we feel all these
negative emotions, what we do is limit ourselves and prevent us from moving forward. Once we learn to let it go, that energy transforms into positivity and floats out of us, bringing good things and people closer to us.

As we learn to forgive ourselves we can also benefit from our surroundings. We will have more to offer and we will share it with others. BTS took a big step not only forgiving themselves, but also forgiving all those people who had no hope in them. By letting go of those negative feelings, they began to rise like a phoenix and are now successful and unstoppable.

So, what prevents you from emerging? Perhaps you just need to learn to forgive, keep forgiving, and move on.  If you are looking for a powerful and effective way to forgive download the free ebook, The Four Steps to Forgiveness, linked to on this page (you will get it immediately, as it is a direct download, we don’t ask you for your email address). By learning to forgive; forgiving yourself and forgiving others, you can discover that you do not need to just hope to be a good person; you will discover that you really area a good person fully deserving all the best in life. Then you too can begin to rise like a phoenix and be successful and unstoppable.

Written by William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.

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