Meditation, Mindfulness and Forgiveness

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It can be very difficult to get into in peaceful and serene state of mind if we feel angry, resentful and bitter towards someone. An experienced meditator will most likely be able to include such feelings, when they arise, in their meditation and not be too disturbed by them. Yet, meditation on its own might not be enough for us to be able to completely forgive or let go of a disturbing situation. Those feelings will keep returning till we resolve the underlying issues. We might need to learn a forgiveness method as a way to finally resolve the situation so that those uncomfortable feelings we have about it will no longer arise.

This is why well-respected meditation teachers encourage practitioners to also use other methods, or even go to a therapist, if they are experiencing strong feelings coming up during meditation and especially if they realize that they need to deal with an underlying issue.

In physical health there are things that are good for us in a general way, for our overall health, and there are things which are good for specific ailments. A similar approach is useful for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Some methods are good for our general inner wellbeing; other methods allow us to deal with things in a very specific way. Some forms of Meditation, as usually taught, is very good for our general inner wellbeing, but sometimes we need something more specific that we use to focus on the underling causes of something which is disturbing us – especially if the feelings keep returning. This is where the method The Four Steps to Forgiveness can be very useful.

There much which can be thought of as “meditation” in The Four Steps to Forgiveness. The Four Steps to Forgiveness helps us to become aware of and accept our feeling as they are. It also helps to accept other people as they are too. Yet, it also helps us to negotiate our way out of situations which we should no longer put up with. Perhaps we have been putting up with bad behavior or being overly tolerant of someone who really needs to become more aware of the impact of their behavior – by us telling them about it.

There is also much that takes place within meditation that could be considered as “forgiveness and reconciliation”. In that we come learn to forgive ourselves and become reconciled with ourselves through accepting ourselves as we are. Likewise, through meditation and mindfulness we learn to accept others as they are too by holding an awareness of our feelings about them without getting caught up in those feelings.

Among the most popluar forms of meditation; bk shivani meditation, sadhguru meditation, mantra meditation, brahma kumaris meditation, amongst others, and each form attacts many practitioners. Some forms are specific to a particular type of yoga or a particular body of teachings; while others like minfulness have become secular and more “stand alone” without aherents need to follow any particular point of view.  Other highly populare forms of meditation include; art of living meditation, kundalini meditation, om shanti meditation, bk meditation, rajyoga meditation, sri sri meditation, shivani meditation and of course shiva meditation. What all these forms of meditation have in common is that they are all intended to promote inner freedom. This is same ultimate goal as forgiveness. It also sets us free.

Whatever form of meditation you practise, meditation and The Four Steps to Forgiveness are both very useful ways to cultivate a greater awareness of what motivates us and shapes our behavior. They both help us to change our attitude for the better and to make better and wiser choices from of the insights we gain from their use. You can combine Forgiveness with your current practise to help you become freer sooner. Click one of the links to The Four Steps to Forgiveness available on this page. Download is immediate (no need to enter email address etc.).

Written by William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.


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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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