Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction and Forgiveness

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Anyone who studies the importance of positive thinking comes to realize that the more positive our thoughts the more positive our life will be. Some see this as the practical outworking of psychological principles: It is almost impossible for someone to allow into their life something they feel they don’t really deserve – they will find a way to sabotage themselves if they ever do attract that thing into their life.

Others see it as a “Law of the Universe”, and that we are all affected by the “Law of Attraction”, or the “Law of Vibration”. Many consider the effects of the Power of the Subconscious Mind and how a person’s unconscious beliefs affect their life and their ability to achieve their goals.

Amongst these varieties of approach to Positive Thinking there is the underlying idea that our thoughts and feelings need to be “positive” in order to create more positive experiences in our life. However, there is a problem…

The problem is that even if we realize the importance of being positive that is often not enough to help us stay positive. We may be overcome with a dark mood, or a sullen frame of thought. We may get caught up in anger and resentment. We may feel bitter about things that have happened to us in the past, or we may feel ashamed or guilty about things we have done. All these can cause our efforts to think higher and better thoughts to be very difficult sometimes.

Perhaps we read something inspiring and uplifting and feel better for a while, but often for many of us the change does not last and we struggle to keep ourselves feeling good about life.

However, it does not have to be this way. It just means that we have not got to the root cause of negative and unhappy attitudes to life and we need to deal with those causes and then we can be free of them. There is a way you can deal with those root causes and begin to make permanent and lasting changes to your general level of thought and feeling – and reap the benefits by more rapidly and more easily achieving your goals for a better life.

The way to make deep changes in your life is through a new type of forgiveness. This new type of forgiveness is not based on any religion or creed. You don’t have to “believe” anything in order to use it. It is free from dogma and you will not find any attempt to manipulate you through guilt and shame. In fact, it is much more like to help you to become impervious to such type of manipulation.

This new type of forgiveness is called: The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

People all over the world are learning to use The Four Steps to Forgiveness to set themselves free and to achieve more peace of mind, better relationships and a happier life. It is so popular that it is already available in over 26 languages. People often tell us that is has dramatically changed their lives for the better. You can use it too! Just download your free copy of The Four Steps to Forgiveness from one of the links on this page.

As you learn to forgive you will become increasingly free of the past. You will let go of anger and resentment for what others have done to you; and you will let go of self-judgement and self-blame which could be causing you to not allow good things to flow into your life. You will be dealing with the root causes of the blocks that have been stopping you from creating the life you really want.

Written by William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

A powerful way to freedom, happiness and success.

William Fergus Martin

ISBN: 978-1-63443-344-0