Earth Ascension and Forgiveness: Going up ON the World

There is a bit of a buzz these days about “Ascension” or “Earth Ascension” to be more specific. This particular ascension is said to relate to the Ascension of the whole planet and a lot of the people on it, to a higher state. Some of the exponents of Earth Ascension have some ideas which are interesting, fun and somewhat compelling; whereas others have ideas about it that are very “way out” and some people may be put off the whole idea of ascension because of that.

Before going into the ins and outs of Earth Ascension, I want to mention that my agenda is to describe how forgiveness fits into different trends in society as they arise and not to critique or criticize these trends.

Four Steps to Forgiveness imageEarth Ascension, or “the transition to the 5th Dimension”, is said to be a planet-wide event. There are a variety of different views of what this shift is, what is causing it and how it will take shape. However, the general consensus is that it will happen soon and that it is even happening already, to some extent, as it will be a gradual process. Some see the world as making a very literal physical transition from out of 3D matter to a higher dimension of matter. This would include our human bodies too. However, there is a catch…

There are challenges in making this shift for many people. The level of consciousness required to operate in the 5th Dimension, we are told, is a far more loving one than that required to operate in the 3rd Dimension. The 3rd Dimension consciousness is characterized by a duality consciousness; us versus them; competition rather than co-operation; seeking power over others rather than seeking to empower others, self-seeking rather than being of service to the greater good, and so on. Whereas 5th Dimension consciousness is based on a unity consciousness where we see other people, and ourselves, as being part of a something larger – ie it is a far more inclusive and loving level of consciousness. Sounds good to me!

An interesting aspect of the ideas of about ascension is that they say that the “dimensions” are better described as “densities”. The lower levels of existence have a more dense type of material substance and that the higher levels have a more refined material substance. Those inhabiting any level experience the matter at that level as solid, though in the higher densities it is a choice as to whether to experience matter that way. They say that on the 5th Density the matter can respond directly to thought if directed by a suitably trained individual. (I will use the words “density” and ‘dimension” interchangeably from here on.)

Where the ascension process gets a bit unclear, and possibly quite dramatic, is what happens to people who cannot or don’t want to make this shift in consciousness? What happens to people who want to stay in a competitive, and even an aggressive and combative, frame of reference? The answers given are that those people won’t be able to function on the Earth as it shifts to the 5th Dimension. Whether they will “go somewhere else” or continue to exist on the planet as they know it (while those who can make the shift to 5D simply disappear from view of those on 3D – that could be interesting…) is not clear from what I have come across. Some say that people with 3D consciousness will simply stop incarnating on the Earth and more of those with a higher consciousness will. That way it will all come come out in the wash – with a bit of necessary social disruption in order to create a more just society. Some predict all sorts of earth changes as part of the process; some say these may not be necessary.

Some sources say that nobody really knows how a planetary-wide ascension works as it happens so rarely. At least they say that it happens rarely from a state of 3D. Sounds like the powers that be will tweak the process as it goes :-). Some even say that there are not many planets where living beings operate in the 3D density as we do on the Earth. It is said that the Earth was given a specific role for a time. It was to be a place where various troublesome beings, and those who incarnate to help them, can work out their issues in a relatively dense and contained form of matter. However, they go on to say, that no planet is expected to perform that role continuously and that the role of the Earth is changing and becoming a New Earth capable of hosting beings with a higher state of consciousness.

What is particular interesting about this whole idea about Earth Ascension is the number of different sources which allude to it or comment on it – and also comment on this being the time when it is happening. I can’t vouch for the veracity of these sources (so I won’t link to them), but if you dig around you can find reference to this online from; the teaching of native people’s, some who have had NDEs, interactions and communications with ETs, people who say that have done astral projections and so on. It is this wide variety non-mainstream sources commenting on something said to be of deep significance about these times, which have peeked my interest.

Four Steps to Forgiveness imageWhere does forgiveness fit in? If you are interested in this idea of a shift to the what is being called 5th Dimensional consciousness, possibly spurred on by the notion that you need to break out of 3D consciousness to make the shift to the New Earth, then you will find forgiveness very helpful. In fact, even if you feel totally dismissive of the idea of some kind of Global Ascension you could still find practicing forgiveness useful – as it will help you let go of the past, be happier in the present and less fearful of the future. At the very least consider it an insurance policy in case those who do believe in Earth Ascension are right 🙂

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Written by William Fergus Martin, Author: Forgiveness is Power.

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