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Therapists, life coaches, and counselors of all kinds are probably aware that forgiveness can be a very important element in their clients healing. Yet, how can therapists, life coaches and counselors actually incorporate forgiveness in their work with clients? For instance, how can they present forgiveness to their clients in a way which will not potentially offend their clients beliefs? A non-religious client may be wary of anything sounding ‘religious’. A client from one particular religion is likely to find even a potentially very useful method from another religion unacceptable, and so on. This is where The Four Steps to Forgiveness comes in. It is an powerfully effective approach for anyone looking for a method to practise forgiveness either with clients, or for their own benefit.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness is a method of forgiveness which has universal application. It can be used by virtually anyone no matter the caregivers or the clients philosophical or religious background. Those of a strongly religious persuasion can adapt the method to their religion if they feel that this is necessary.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness is easy to learn and quick to apply. Like anything based on forgiveness it can have deep and profound effects. It creates a lasting change in clients perspective, their perceptions and in their whole attitude to life and events. The Four Steps to Forgiveness is a self-empowerment tool so that it is effective both in practitioner-client situations as well as clients undertaking individual work.

At present there is no formal certification required to either offer, or use, The Four Steps to Forgiveness. It is simply a matter, for now, of working with the free material and adapting it your needs and the needs of your clients.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness is available for free in over 20 languages. When you forgive you win! When you forgive everyone wins!

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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William Fergus Martin

ISBN: 978-1-63443-344-0