Gene Keys and The Four Steps to Forgiveness

“It’s an incredibly beautiful thing, forgiveness. Something far beyond our understanding.” – Richard Rudd.

Gene Keyes is increasingly popular and there are aspects of it which include forgiveness work. It was only a matter of time before the topic would come up in a conversion about our forgiveness work and our free ebook on Forgiveness. Recently someone asked me if I thought that The Four Steps to Forgiveness is useful to someone working with the Gene Keys material. From what I know of Gene Keys, I think that the answer is that The Four Steps to Forgiveness would indeed be very useful to someone working with Gene Keys (on the Golden Path, as they say).

I cannot claim any expertise in Gene Keys, and I don’t really know Richard Rudd (I have only talked to him a few times in the context of my day job rather than my Forgiveness work. BTW, he seemed to me a very inspired, ethical and grounded person). However, I do know people who work with the material (some very intensively) and who speak very highly of their experiences with it.

As I understand it Gene Keys is intended to help people discover the blueprints which shape their lives so that they can live to their highest potential. This requires people to be “Bold and the Brave”, as Richard puts it, and to acknowledge both the shadow sides of themselves and – equally as important – to also acknowledge their real potential

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Forgiveness is a key part of Gene Keys. Does learning to forgive change someone’s blueprints? It certainly does. Does the ongoing practise of Forgiveness help people be free of their shadow and release their potential? Yes absolutely. All sorts of creative abilities and deeper and higher levels of insight come to us as we learn to forgive. Energy previously trapped in anger, resentment, feeling a victim, guilt shame, self judgement or whatever, becomes liberated and available to us and enables us to create a happier and much more fulfilling life. In this way forgiveness is an essential part of the “Golden Path”.

However, no need to take my word for it. Here is what Richard Rudd (the founder of Gene Keys) says about forgiveness:

“It’s an incredibly beautiful thing, forgiveness. Something far beyond our understanding. It is a quintessence and a spark of grace coming down through human beings. It’s role is to free us and ultimately give us true understanding. One day forgiveness will move through the whole gene pool of humanity like a wildfire. It will spread through whole groups, families and communities and nations.” – Richard Rudd.

I think Richard is right. That Forgiveness will indeed one day sweep through humanity like a wildfire. I like to think that our work in The Global Forgiveness Initiative will help bring this about. And, already, interesting and exciting things are happening. We have been going less than a year yet we already get 60,000 page hits per month on the website and thousands of downloads of the free ebook The Four Steps to Forgiveness every month too (available in 20 languages, you can see them all here ). We will soon be at around 1 Million website page views per year.

I think that The Four Steps to Forgiveness is very compatible with Gene Keys so if you are looking for a method to help you learn to forgive please give it a go. It is quick and easy to learn and will fit in very will with your use of I-Ching, your Hologenetic Profile as you take your journey along the Golden Path. The The Four Steps to Forgiveness is free and you don’t even have to enter your email address to download it. Enjoy… Download Four Steps to Forgiveness