How to let go of resentment, anger and bitter feelings.

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We all know that resentment, anger and bitter feelings can do us a lot of harm. If you are not aware that this is the case you just need to become honestly aware of the effect that such feelings have on your body to see that they are not good for you. This is especially if true if hatred or loathing come into the mix. The sickly, cold, poisonous sensations which come with bitter, resentful feelings – especially if you are thinking of vengeance as a way to express your resentful feelings – ought to be a warning to not go any further with the line of thinking that you are on. If you were drinking or eating something and it had the same effect on your body us such feelings you would most likely spit is out again very quickly. your would recognize it as toxic. Such feelings can also be very painful. Download Free Forgiveness Ebook

But, such feelings of vengeance and hate, can hold a sickly fascination. There can be a sticky obsessiveness about them, which can make it hard to let go of them and to break out of the thinking that supports them. Bitter feelings come up which bring up bitter thoughts: you keep remembering what “they” said or did. You find yourself in a loop: the more you think about it the more the resentful, angry, feelings come up and the more those feelings come up the more you obsessively think about it. Keeping your body and your nervous system in a constant state of being on the alert can be painful and exhausting and that is why things like anger and depression and anger and anxiety problems often go together. This can lead to insomnia and other stress related ailments.


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You might start gathering evidence from other people to “confirm” your feelings about the person or situation, You try and find people who will agree with you, and you become angry or dismissive of those who don’t. You might even decide those who don’t agree with you, “are not my friend”, as they are “not on my side”.

However in reality such people are on your side. They are on the side of the better part of you. They don’t want to see you caught up in a bitter, angry state of mind. Nor do they want to join you in it. Only false friends will go along with something like that. Download Free Forgiveness Ebook

The person you resent so much may even be someone you “love”, or “loved” in the past. You have an love hate relationship or can simply be someone you “love to hate”. You may even want to know how to let go of the past, how to let go of someone you loved either because of the painful feelings that come up or because you know it is not right ot think of them in such a dreadful way.

In order to break out of the obsessive thinking patterns which maintain feelings of anger, resentment, bitterness and rage you need a method for changing your thinking patterns. However, trying to repress you thought and feelings is not the answer, as they will just cause them to go underground and come out in another way. You need to redirect your thoughts; but you also need to deal with the underlying feelings too. This is where The Four Steps to Forgiveness comes in. It works on many levels at the same time. It helps you redirect your thoughts and to let go of the unhappy feelings associated with those thoughts. Through The Four Steps to Forgiveness your thoughts and feelings are not repressed in any way they are simply redirected in a more constructive direction.

Through The Four Steps to Forgiveness you can let go of resentment, anger and bitterness. You can learn to manage your thoughts and feelings and be more in charge of your life. It can even act as a form of Do-it-yourself anger management, or therapy, which can support any help you get from an actual therapist.

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Written by: William Fergus Martin

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