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When we look at what is happening around us, and what is in the news, it is obvious that many people and many situations would benefit if there were more forgiveness in the world. Our purpose is, “To Help the World Learn How to Forgive in 4 Easy Steps”. We do this by giving away a free ebook which teaches people a simple, yet powerful, method called: The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness is not based on a religion, though it can be adapted to match the needs of any religion, and it has been developed to meet the needs of people in any culture and from any background.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness has been professionally translated into over 20 languages ( you can see all of them here) and we give these away free by direct download. We don’t even ask for an email address in exchange, as we want people to be able to get their copy of the ebook right away – without hesitating and wondering what they are getting themselves into.

Things are going very well:

In 2017 our website has had not far off 1 Million page views (832,008 to be exact) and over 40,000 downloads (actually 40,885) of the various language versions of free ebook The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

The image on the right displays our Top 20 Website Visitors By Country. This shows that our multi-lingual approach is successful and ensures that we have a truly global outreach. This is not too shabby for a small group of people who, up till recently, have completely funded the charity out of their own pockets (plus wonderful help via a Google Adgrants, advertising grant).

We now plan to ramp things up and take our activities to the next level. We are fundraising so that can pay people to promote forgiveness, using social networking, in the different languages matching our materials. In this way we can reach many people who we are not able to reach at the moment. People of all nations and all background can benefit from learning how to forgive and you can help us reach out to them by your donation. We are run by volunteers so all donations (100%) to this project will go towards promoting forgiveness via workshops, videos, social networking, advertising, giving workshops and so on.

Please help forgiveness to spread. Forgiveness can create a radical transformation in the quality of life of a person, the quality of life in a community, or the quality of life in a country. Forgiveness can even help transform the quality of life in our world. Please donate and play your own part in helping the world learn how to forgive:

Thanks and blessings,

William Martin,


The Global Forgiveness Initiative.

We have recently started offering free workshops on The Four Steps to Forgiveness and below are some pics of one of the groups and one of the venues from a series of presentations that we gave to an international group in Asia in February 2018. (I’m the guy who is 3rd from right, back row).



Global Forgiveness Initiative, Scottish Charity Number: SC045990.