You probably got here from following the link on our very popular short video “A Quick and Easy Way to be Happier. if not you can watch it here.

The great thing about learning how to forgive (see “How to Forgive” below) is that it helps you find a genuine and lasting happiness. This is because practising forgiveness helps you develop a super power which enables you to determine how things affect you. You are no longer just a victim of circumstances and not so affected by how other people behave.

If someone is mean to you, or if something bad happens, being able to forgive means that you will have more choices in how you respond. if you feel angry or hurt by what someone has said or done, you can do some forgiveness work (see below) and let go of the pain that you are feeling about the situation. Then you can decide clearly, as you are no longer upset, what happy and healthy next steps you can take

Not only that, you will begin to develop an eagle-eyed view which helps you see what people and situations you ought to stay away from. You develop an awareness which lets you figure out which people in your life are genuinely on your side and those who are trying to manipulate you for their own ends.

Three ways you can learn how to forgive:

1) Try the Quick and Easy Way to be Happier method.

Say this to yourself: slowly at least 3 times .

“I want to forgive [say their name] because I want to be happy.”

If it still bothers you or the feelings come back again, say these words to yourself again at least 3 times.
“I want to forgive [say their name] because I want to be happy.”

2) Watch The Four Steps to Forgiveness Video

You can go more deeply into forgiveness by learning The Four Steps to Forgiveness from this video.

3) Download the Four Steps to Forgiveness Ebook
Four Steps to Forgiveness imageThis free ebook will show you the benefits of, The Four Steps to Forgiveness, and how to use it. Download is immediate, we do not ask for your email address.

There is a big difference between the things you do which help you feel genuinely happy and the things you do just to distract yourself from ways you feel unhappy, Learning to forgive is one of the things which helps you feel genuinely happy. Now is as good time to learn how to forgive. Why not set yourself free?