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Are you looking for a powerful and effective Self Help Book? Forgiveness is Power could just what youforgiveness is power book coverare looking for.  You may not be used to thinking of Forgiveness as being a Self Help tool, or something which you can use as part of self improvement and personal development, but it most certainly is.

Lets’s think about it for just a moment. Is something which frees you from the past a form of Self Help? Is a book which helps free you from painful events a form of Personal Development?  What about a book which helps you move from feeling like a victim to feeling like a winner? Isn’t that surely a form of Self Improvement? The answer to these questions is obviously “YES” and since this book will help you with all things things then Forgiveness is Power is a Self Help Book.

Forgiveness is Power can help you become more forgiving which will lift your whole attitude to a much more positive level. It makes forgiveness practical, usable and accessible. It is a User Guide which shows you how to forgive.  It is useful to virtually anyone who wants to be better at forgiving. It give you direct access to the power to forgive to free you from the past and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Perhaps you want to get better at forgiving others, or maybe you need to learn how to forgive yourself. There are lots of practical tools in the book to help you with both. The book can help you with self healing and letting go of guilt, shame and regret. This can work wonders for your self esteem, self worth and self confidence as you discover that you a much more empowered person that you thought yourself to be. You may well discover your own sense of good and goodness which wells up from within you as the book helps to remove old beliefs about yourself and about life.

Forgiveness also helps you with your personal success as it help you release excessive self criticism, self judgement and not feeling worthy of the good things in life. Forgiveness is a powerful method of transforming your thoughts and feelings and learning to forgive can be a life changing experience. It can help motivate you to achieve your highest and best goals, because those goals have become much more accessible since there is a lot less getting in the way. You are no longer feel like you are driving with your brakes on when guilt, shame and remorse are not holding you back. Forgiveness is inspirational as you will have more access to creative and inspiring ideas as any clouds of self doubt or self negation clear away and you can be free to live your life afresh.

Forgiveness is Power is not the type of book which tries and push or bully you into forgiving. Instead it clearly spells out the benefits to forgiving and helps you explore exactly and precisely what benefits you will get from being more forgiving in any specific situation. This helps you feel motivated to genuinely want to forgive, rather then feeling that is it something you “should” do. It gives you handy technique to use to actually start to forgive. Once you experience for yourself the benefits forgiveness brings, and how easy it is once you get a handle on it, there will be no stopping you.

Tough Forgiveness

This is a book on forgiveness does not shy away from the realities of life and it even helps you handle those tricky situations where you would like to forgive someone, but you feel scared or worried that if you do they will just hurt you again. If that is something your are dealing with then the chapter on Tough Forgiveness was written with you in mind.

Where to get the book Forgiveness is Power:

You have heard of the power of forgiveness now experience it for yourself and set yourself free. You can get Forgiveness is Power from most leading bookshops or order online.

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You can also find the book using the isbn number in your favorite search engine: isbn 1844096289 or 9781844096282

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Simply ask for a copy of the book via your local library. Quote the following:

Book Title: Forgiveness is Power Book Author: William Fergus Martin ISBN: 1844096289 Published 2013 by Findhorn Press.


“William Martin has created an enlightening User’s Guide for forgiveness. Thoroughly researched. Hugely insightful. Very practical.  I recommend it wholeheartedly.” —Robert Holden, author of Shift Happens! and Loveability

“A deep gold mine full of rich and relevant information.” —William Bloom, author of The Endorphin Effect

“William Martin has written a powerful guide book on learning how to forgive, not just our brothers and sisters, but also ourselves.” —Jon Mundy, Ph.D. author of Living A Course in Miracles

Amazon USA Amazon UK Amazon Australia World Wide
You can also find the Forgiveness is Power using the isbn number in your favorite search engine: isbn 1844096289 or 9781844096282

Forgiveness is Power was written by one of our Trustees (William Martin) and all author royalties from the book goes to support our work at the Global Forgiveness Initiative in helping to spread forgiveness.

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