Revenge, Hate, Anger, Resentment and Forgiveness

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People sometimes convince themselves that vengeance is “justified” and that vengeance is “sweet”. But you will never meet a person who is truly happy, and at peace with themselves, who is also vengeful. Yes, there can be a form of satisfaction in a vengeful act, but it is sickly form of satisfaction and there is nothing healthy or life-enhancing about it.

Vengeful people live in fear and anxiety. They may adopt a pose and a demeanour of confidence, but they do not tend to sleep well at night. They believe so much in vengeance that they cannot conceive of anyone else not feeling the same way. They are waiting and wondering when those they have harmed will come and do vengeance on them. Also they become anxious about how to protect their fragile ego from real or imagined ‘harm‘ from others. Have you noticed what fragile egos many ‘tough’ guys have? Strange that the ‘tougher’ they are supposed to be the more easily that even the mildest insult can trouble them and put them into a rage. They are not in charge of their own life as their life is dominated by anger. Playing the role of the “angry victim”, no matter how big and dramatically, is still playing the role of the “victim”. Download Free Ebook

The price of a vengeful and unforgiving mind is to have to forego any deep and lasting happiness and to forego any deep and lasting friendships. Think about it. What is it like to live with, or be a ‘friend’ to a vengeful person? It is impossible to be truly friends with them in any kind of honest way because who can trust and feel comfortable around a vengeful person? Vengeful people have no real friends – they only have hostages. Instead of friends they have fear-filled, angry and resentful companions and they congregate together in their own miniature version of hell.

Yet, forgiving someone does not mean that we cannot seek justice (if that is for the better good of society) or that we even need to have anything more to do with that person (we have the right to keep ourselves out of harm’s way if they are very likely to try and harm us again).

The toxic feeling of anger, rage, hatred, resentment and bitterness which the vengeful person feels often causes them more real harm than anything anyone else has done to them. Such toxic feeling stress the body and mind and can create long-term physical or mental health problems – as well as making the person very unhappy and not much fun to be around. Vengeful feelings are like a form of instant karma where the person wishing harm on another person is meanwhile causing harm to themselves through the toxic feelings – and associated stress-hormones coursing through their body. It’s like they are drinking a daily dose of poison and expecting to be healthy. Download Free Forgiveness Ebook

Learning The Four Steps to Forgiveness can free you from patters of resentment, bitterness, hate and vengeance. It can even help you forgive yourself too. You can let go of the past, put it all behind you and be free. Download your free copy from the links on this page (Download is immediate – you don’t even need to enter your email address).

Written by: William Fergus Martin

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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Four Steps to Forgiveness

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