Foreign rights to Forgiveness is Power

The Foreign Rights, or translation rights, or now available for Forgiveness is Power via our publisher Findhorn Press: Rights Manager, Sabine Weeke Inner Traditions / Findhorn Press Foreign Rights Dept  phone: +1-802-767-3174 ext. 103 ).

The available international rights, subsidiary rights, or translation rights can be either granted on a per-country basis or for a wider geographical coverage if this is required. If you, or your company, are active in foreign rights publishing or are seeking translation rights,  or subsidiary rights for books please contact our Publisher using the contact information on this page.

Our free ebook Four Steps to Forgiveness acts as an excellent introduction (or teaser) to Forgiveness is Power, which is a more in-depth work about forgiveness. Our substantial Adwords campaign (around $480,000 dollars per year), in multiple languages, is intended to raise awareness of how to forgive in countries across the world. This will generate interest in the book Forgiveness is Power too (all author royalties from Forgiveness is Power go to the Global Forgiveness Initiative.)

Many International rights are still available. If you are a publisher interested in obtaining the foreign rights to Forgiveness is Power please contact: Rights Manager, Sabine Weeke Findhorn Press Foreign Rights Dept (+44-1309-692138).

Forgiveness is Power is already is already published in India and in Traditional Chinese 

forgiveness-is-power-cover 200x300 1844096289forgiveness is power indian edition 9789325975170forgiveness is power traditional chinese 9789863591184