A Christian Way: The Bible and The Four Steps to Forgiveness

Learning how to forgive, via The Four Steps to Forgiveness, gives us strength, encouragement and healing.

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As Christians we are encouraged to forgive and the Bible emphasises forgiveness many times. There are many reasons for this, but one reason that is not often discussed is that it give us strength. The ability to forgive gives us spiritual strength which adds to the strength we receive from from scriptures. Learning how to forgive (download The Four Steps to Forgiveness for free) gives us the strength to overcome temptations, or more truly it weakens the pull of temptations, as we see them for the useless, hollow baubles that they are.

Encouraging scriptures, Verses about Strength, and Healing Scriptures

We can gain encouragement from encouraging scriptures. Yet, also the practise of forgiveness can give us encouragement, it encourages us to stick with a high and noble purpose, or at least helps us to be less likely to give way to an ignoble purpose. Learning how to forgive also brings us healing. By it’s very nature, forgiveness heals the division between our higher spiritual aspirations and our normal daily life. It helps to free us from the pull of those things (such as resentment, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, envy, vengence, etc) which take us out of alignment with true Christian values of love, kindness, forebearance, tolerance and so on. Therefore the benefits we gain from encouraging scriptures, verses about strength, and healing scriptures can all be amplified by the practise of forgiveness.

The Holy Bible and Forgiveness

Yet, how do we actually forgive? The Holy Bible says wonderful things about forgiveness and the “why” of it, but it does not say so much about the “how”.  Forgiveness was obviously a core teaching of Jesus and it has become a favorite topic for preachers. But, preaching forgiveness is not the same as teaching forgiveness. We need a way to put those uplifing inspiring stories, from the Holy Book, into action in our own lives.

We need to be shown how to forgive. Forgiveness is not an instinct. It is not something which most people can do automatically. If it was, the world would be a very different place than it is. Download Free Ebook

If we do not have a method, to help us forgive easily and regularly, resentments can build up. We can get disgruntled about life or disillusioned about our fellow human beings. Having a simple straightforward method, such as The Four Steps to Forgiveness, can be a huge help to getting back on the right track again.

Forgiveness: A Source of Strength, Encouragement and Healing.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness helps us let go of past and to see life and other people in a new light – the light of Forgiveness. We not only begin to see other people differently we begin to see ourselves differently too. The light of Forgiveness illuminates our life and brings many blessings in many unexpected – and even miraculous – ways.

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For most things in life it is handy to have a method, or a recipe of some kind, to get you going. The Four Steps to Forgiveness is a method to help you forgive. It is a simple method which you can easily adapt to your own preferences as you get a feel for how it works. You may have prayed for forgiveness because you know to do so is good for your soul. This is very good, but it is also good to have a simple method which helps you to become more forgiving.

There is a mystery in forgiveness in that it is not just an act of personal will, there is something ineffable which happens too, something beyond our conscious control. Forgiveness happens, to a large extent, by allowing ourselves to become available to the Grace of God.  Focusing on planting, cultivating and weeding a garden allows the powers of nature to work it’s magic in that garden. Using the The Four Steps to Forgiveness, to focus on becoming more forgiving, allows the Grace of God to works it’s magic in your life.

It is usually best to start using The Four Steps to Forgiveness with relatively small issues until you get the idea. Once you have some experience you can use it with bigger issues. You can also easily adapt it to suit your own beliefs about Forgiveness. If you would like to learn a simple and beautiful way to forgive, which is completely compatible with Christian living, try The Four Steps to Forgiveness,  it will download immediately, so no need to enter an email address. It will help you magnify the the benefits you gain from verses about strength, encouraging scriptures and healing scriptures to help you become the forgiving person that you aspire to be.

Written by: William Fergus Martin

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