How to donate money to our charity. Why it is good to donate money to our charity. 

Looking at the world around us it is obvious that many people and many situations would benefit if there is more forgiveness in the world. Our purpose is to help people learn simple, quick and easy ways to learn how to forgive.

Our method is not based on any religion, though it can be adapted to that, so it works for people in any culture and any religious background (or none).

We already give away a free ebook (in 20 languages) and now plan to ramp things up and move our activities to the next level.

I am fundraising so that I can quit my “day job” for a few years and focus full time on forgiveness work. This will help pay for online advertising, enable me to be more active on marketing the website, social networking and developing online forgiveness courses (and having those translated).

Please help our forgiveness material to become even more widely available and enable us to reach a lot more people with practical steps they can take to learn to start forgiving each other.

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