Forgiveness in the Bible

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Forgiveness is very prominent in the Bible and so it is only natural that Christians are interested in learning how to forgive.

Many of the stories in the Bible are devoted to forgiveness and encouraging us to forgive. Such stories are wonderful for reminding us about the importance of forgiveness. They show us why we ought to forgive, but they do not always make it clear how to do it – how to actually forgive someone?

What steps do you need to take in order to forgive? Is it something that everyone knows automatically – like breathing? Looking at the world around us it certainly does not seem like forgiveness is something that people learn automatically – sorry to say.

Even though it is natural for, say, a cat to behave like a cat. A cat spends all its time as a kitten practicing how to become a cat. A puppy spends all its time practicing how to become a dog. The same applies to people: natural instinct and ability is not enough, we have to practise to gain skills at something.

Sometimes people secretly feel guilty and ashamed because they want to be able to forgive, but they don’t know how. It is like forgiveness is something rare and remote which they cannot reach. But, that is because nobody taught them how to reach it. Nobody taught them how to forgive. Telling someone that they should do something is not the same as showing them how to do it. In fact, telling people they should do something when they don’t know how is cRaZy mAkiNg.

Now it the time to change all that. Now is the time for all of us to learn how to forgive – and learn how easy it is once we get started.

We need to practise forgiveness in order to get good at it. We need a method to help us practise. 

Our free ebook the Four Steps to Forgiveness will help you practise the skills you need which will enable you to forgive freely and easily. You can learn how to forgive like the Bible says.

Forgive Yourself and Forgive Other Now: Download Free Ebook to Learn How to Forgive. 

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