Four Steps to Forgiveness – Step 4 Tips

Why You Can't Forgive

In Step 4 we are formally and specifically stating our intention to forgive.

At first it is best to be fairly general about the effects of forgiving, “and I accept the peace and freedom which forgiveness brings”, or  “I accept the healing and well being which forgiveness brings”.

Later you can include some of the benefits which you came up with in Step 3 and state these as part of Step 4. For example say you are forgiving a work related issue and you realize that clearing the issue will help you get a better job. You can use phrases like, “I accept the peace which forgiveness brings and the benefits of a happier working relationships and a better job”, or “I accept the benefits of being happier at my current work and of being more able to find and even better job”. However, if this feels too materialistic to you or somehow offends your sense of values then leave out the practical benefits.

Written by: William Fergus Martin