Readers feedback for Four Steps to Forgiveness:

"Thank you so much! Your book is so great." P.Y. India.
“It’s Magic! It really works to help me forgive other people and myself.” K.B. UK.
"Wow! an Awesome ebook!" I.H., Indonesia.
"An inspiring and helpful free ebook, yet did not even need to give email address to get it!" TF, UK.
"God bless you! I have needed to read your words about forgiveness for a long time.” D.N. Egypt.
"I love your thoughts. 'Forgiveness sets you free’. That's so right!" P.B. Thailand.
"This book is so valuable, and it helped me a lot when something was bothering me." G.T. Philippines.
"I really appreciate your book and the work you do for people!" J.M. Brazil.
"Your book is extraordinarily interesting. Such a wonderful experience. It helped me a lot when my girlfriend dumped me. Very powerful tools." R.S. Vietnam.
“I’m enjoying your book so much! It’s and easy read and the personal approach makes it so alive and captivating.” L.D. Netherlands.




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