Next Steps

Next steps for is to get to 1 Million page views per year. We are presently getting 26,000 page views per month which is a rate of over 300,000 per year – so we are well on our way.

1 Million page views per year in in fact a little over 83,000 per month. We have a plan to get to that level in a few months (around May 2016) so this is a practical and achievable goal.

Much of our success is due to a Google Grant, so much so that I am setting up a service to help other non-profits get this grant and administer their advertising campaigns. I will do this as a way to earn my living while enabling me to continue with developing and expanding the forgiveness work.

If you are involved in a non-profit and want help with getting lots of traffic to your website (to fund raise, or raise awareness of important issues). Please use this form: