What we do:

We share the Four Steps to Forgiveness with those who want to learn them.

Many people want to be better at forgiving, but the don’t know how. They might not know where to even start. The religions of the world have done a very good job of teaching us that we ought to forgive; but they have not done such a good job of teaching us how.

The GFI (Global Forgiveness Initiative) is about the “how” – spreading practical forgiveness methods which anybody can use not matter their religion or philosophy – or even if they have no religion or particular philosophy. Our goal it to spread forgiveness methods in a many languages as we can and to make forgiveness tools and techniques as freely and widely available as we can.

Our official purpose is: The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation by promoting the benefits and the practice of forgiveness in multiple languages.

As we are serious about promoting forgiveness in multiple languages, as per our purpose statement, we have added language detection in key places on the site. This means that web server software will detect the language the visitor is using (by detecting the language set in their web browser) and present specific links to the relevant pages in that language. Presently we are offering forgiveness materials in 20 languages.

How we do it:

We produce an ebook called Four Steps to Forgiveness which is freely available in 20 languages. You can get it here. In the months ahead we will be expanding on our material, offering courses, and so on. We will be looking to partner with other organisations and projects to promote forgiveness globally.

Our Income:

Most of our income currently comes from the royalties from the sale of the book Forgiveness is Power. Our Trustee William Martin donates 100% of any and all income, royalties, affiliate fees, etc., to support our work. This includes any income from foreign editions of the book such as the Indian Edition and the Traditional Chinese version.

We recently received a Google Ads Grant through Google for Nonprofits. This allows us to spend a substantial amount each month on advertising Forgiveness on Google.


We are now partnering with some of the leaders in the Forgiveness movement. Please check the items under our Partners menu to see these.

Please note we do not earn any affiliate, or other fees, by supporting our partners. It is a free service.

Who we are:

We are a charity registered in Scotland. Our key personnel are:

Ruth Anderson: Trustee and Secretary.

Alan McLaughlin: Trustee.

William Martin (author of Forgiveness is Power): Chairperson and Treasurer.

Global Forgiveness Initiative, Scottish Charity Number: SC045990.

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Email: wmartin @ globalforgivenessinitiative . com

Address: William Martin, Global Forgiveness Initiative, Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, St Leonard’s Road, Forres, UK. IV36 2RD